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AHK Works With Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute To Reduce Fatalities Caused By Cargo Liquefaction

Over the last decade, solid bulk cargo liquefaction (SBCL) on bulk carrier vessels was responsible for over 50% of fatalities and nearly 20% of bulk carrier losses.*

SBCL occurs when granular materials loaded directly into a ship’s hold, transform from behaving in a solid state to a liquid state, by a process known as liquefaction. This becomes initiated when a cohesionless saturated or partially saturated granular cargo loses strength in response to applied stress, for example from shaking or vessel vibrations, as the material that is usually a solid behaves as a liquid. SBCL therefore results from any moisture related instability of a cargo within a vessel’s cargo hold. This can be high risk for any ship and its crew, carrying material susceptible to liquefaction, causing it to become unstable or sink.

As a global provider of Flow Moisture Point (FMP) and Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) testing services to shippers, AHK are proud to be a partner in a project on the subject of SBCL, led by the Southampton Marine & Maritime Institute (SMMI) at the University of Southampton, UK and funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

The project aims to reduce fatalities, and bulk carrier and cargo losses caused by SBCL. AHK brings extensive sampling and testing experiences and operational case examples from around the world to help address the technical and scientific challenges in the pursuit of cost-effective and practicable solutions to manage and mitigate SBCL and to reduce loss of life and significant financial losses.

It is fantastic to engage with like-minded professionals in our industry on such an important subject. By sharing our knowledge and experience, together we can achieve positive change.” – Robert Dunn, AHK Technical Manager (Chartered Scientist).

For further information contact: Robert Dunn, Technical Manager, AHK Technical Department 


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