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Alfred H Knight Deutschland

Precious Metals Inspection Services Germany

Alfred H Knight are pleased to offer our specialist, independent inspection services in Germany. Based in the Hanau region, AHK Deutschland GmbH covers the whole of Germany supported by our network of AHK offices.

Independent Inspection Services:

Providing full inspection services for all PM/PGM bearing materials arising from the various industries and markets, including automotive, petroleum & petrochemical, glass, pharmaceutical, industrial and electronic waste across Germany.

With high metal values and the complex range of forms, these materials present many sampling and analytical challenges that demands the expertise of Alfred H Knight.

Our Services:

• Supervision and monitoring of raw materials delivery
• Witnessing of the weighing and sampling process
• Assaying for commercial settlement
• Technical Consultancy Service

Specialists in the Analysis of Precious Metals

Precious metals, Platinum Group Metals and Precious Metal Bearing Catalyst form a significant part of our business.
Due to their complex chemistry and high intrinsic value we use an extensive range of analytical methods to obtain the required precision and accuracy.
AHK has the expertise to accurately analyse the entire precious metals group of elements.

This includes:

• Dore Bullion
• Concentrates
• Alloys
• Metals
• Complex PGM Bearing Refinery Sweeps / Residues
• Electrolytic Slimes
• Electronic Scrap
• Precious Metal Bearing Catalyst
• Fresh and spent catalyst
• Automotive Catalyst

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