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Alfred H Knight Energy Services debuts new Field Service Units

Biomass and other renewable energy sources can play an important part in the global shift towards sustainability. In order to fully realise the fuel potential and environmental impact of renewable’s, businesses that make, use or trade alternative fuels must build an accurate and reliable profile of their materials through experienced analysis.

As trusted experts in the inspection and analysis of solid fuels, Alfred H Knight understands the potential benefits of analysis. For over 140 years, our team of highly-trained experts have helped businesses to develop a better understanding of their materials and discern their true value. Therefore, to meet an expected growing demand for analysis services Alfred H Knight North America has invested in new Field Service Units, allowing AHK to expand our serviceable areas within North America.

These new units support Alfred H Knight’s growth plans across the North American region, whilst also allowing us to offer our clients on-site services, resulting in swift primary results. We recognise the value of fully understanding your commodity in trade and so we will be able to provide our clients this clarity much faster, allowing these products to enter the market much more efficiently.

Alfred H Knight Energy Services debuts new Field Service Units.Our units also have the added benefit of reducing the need to ship large amounts of material to a central preparation facility, meaning you can utilise the results of your samples much sooner.

In trials, the units have been extremely successful, therefore Alfred H Knight plans to expand further across Northern America, providing on-site, industry-leading expertise and services to more clients, with the potential to develop this model to cover further commodities.

For more information on our Field Service Units you can speak to John McIndoe – Operations Manager for AHK Energy Services North America, or Kristi Brells – Regional General Manager for North America. Alternatively, visit our contact page to speak with one of our experts.