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Following the successful opening of its first site in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, Alfred H Knight is pleased to announce the launch of its specialist sampling hub services.

From managing and operating existing sites to building bespoke sampling hubs on behalf of clients, Alfred H Knight (AHK) is now fully capable of providing a wide range of sampling hub services to support organisations with the recycling of materials such as e-scrap and incinerator bottom ash (IBA).

AHK’s specialist facilities provide a platform for metal recyclers, reprocessors and smelters to increase their sampling capacity and build an accurate and reliable profile of their materials whilst in transit, prior to arrival at the end receiver.

This process begins when AHK’s sampling hubs receive material at an industrial scale. Here, they representatively generate samples ready for analysis at the group’s laboratories, all of which are conducted as per the Theory of Sampling (TOS), applicable ISO standards and own standard operating procedures to achieve commercially reliable results.


Sampling Hub Services

AHK’s Sampling Hub Services

Once the materials have been assayed, AHK provides certification to the client in a swift and clear manner so that this can be utilised by the recipient in due course.

Patrick Le Mare, Global Industry Lead for Circular Economy adds:

“The launch of our sampling hub services marks an important milestone for Alfred H Knight. Our services support a hugely important market for sustainability and we are proud to be one of the first independent organisations to undertake sampling of circular economy-related materials at this scale. This is all part of an ongoing project for the organisation in which we aim to continually expand our capabilities to help other organisations around the world to improve their sampling capacity and better determine the commercial value of their materials.”

With over 140 years of experience in the inspection and analysis of metals and minerals, Alfred H Knight is trusted by organisations around the world to deliver reliable results. AHK’s experts draw on this experience when developing sampling hub projects so that they fit within the business’ network of operations across the global supply chain and meet the expectations of clients.

Businesses interested in AHK’s sampling hub services can find more information on the dedicated sampling hub services page.