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Autocatalyst Refining and Capacity

The recovery of precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, commonly found in autocatalysts, continues to be a market in which there is significant demand, not only due to the recent all-time high prices of palladium & rhodium but also the historic values of these three metals.

This continued increase in demand has seen refineries reach a point of capacity, with some reverting to volume capping of autocatalyst streams or having to turn down shipments completely. autocatalyst

In a constrained market and with limited delivery options, it can help if suppliers have third party analysis of their autocatalyst shipments. As the demand for autocatalyst analysis increases, more customers will be looking to independent testing companies, such as AHK, for assistance.

AHK has invested globally and is positioned to assist with high quality, fast turn-around commercial settlement analysis. With our global technical centre of excellence in the UK and three regional laboratories aligned to the same methodology, we can accept autocatalyst samples from anywhere in the world and provide results in industry-leading turnaround times.  

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John Moulding
Commercial Manager – PGM/PM Materials