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Circular Economy: Challenges to the Recycling Business

As the Circular Economy becomes embedded within global society, the way in which products are reused and recycled is changing significantly. We are seeing more organisations refurbish or repurpose electronic goods and end-of-life recycling become more efficient, for example battery products being used to create black mass.

Although this is encouraging, we are yet to see specifications for technology metal streams like we do for copper and steel where they are clearly outlined by organisations such as ISRI. This lack of specification creates challenges for those recycling electronics and batteries as there is an uncertainty of the grade and value of products that are being bought and sold.

By introducing specifications for these streams, a genuine value chain is created. Introducing them would see sellers truly understanding the value of their product and buyers knowing the quality of what they are purchasing and how best to utilise it. This would likely lead to reduced transaction cost, as rather than going back and forth in negotiation, a third party can assist in determining the quantity and quality in line with the specification.

With a number of strategically placed global hubs, Alfred H Knight is well positioned to assist in overcoming the challenges that the recycling of these streams create, facilitating agreements through quantity determination services, material appropriate sampling and subsequent chemical analysis among others services.

By facilitating a commercial process in which standardisation occurs, the operational efficiencies of metal recovery can be optimised and in turn assist in maintaining critical metal stocks.

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Patrick Le Mare – Circular Economy – Industry Lead