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Circular Economy: Identifying Value in Waste and Recycling

Society as a whole is adopting more sustainable work practices and looking to the Circular Economy as a practical solution. Whether as an individual or as a business reacting to consumer demand, there are tangible benefits to the Circular Economy on every scale.

In the waste and recycling stream we see this through reduced dependence on landfill solutions, increased recycling and the incorporation of take-back schemes into the consumer product lifecycle.

Whether through regulatory pressure or commercial incentive, tracking these flows is becoming increasingly important in order to satisfy the desire for commodity traceability.

It is this need for independent checks, balance & traceability that drives Alfred H Knight in their service, to determine the metrics of materials at each stage. By providing these checks, our stakeholders are conscious of the value of their waste and recycling and can accurately understand the relationship between process inputs and outputs, including:

  • Understanding inputs at an Energy from Waste plant through composition analysis
  • Extracting value from Industrial Bottom Ash with metal content analysis
  • Checking consumer products are suitable for reuse
  • Determining the quality of commodities in the reverse logistics pipeline


It’s difficult linking individual steps in a value chain, determining the source of a product and identifying leaks in order to fill gaps. AHK is positioned to assist through a range of services ensuring stakeholders understand their waste and recycling, its source and the value it holds in order to ensure the benefits of circular economy are truly tangible whether that be economically or socially.

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Patrick Le Mare
Circular Economy – Industry Lead