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EfW Operators – Protect your equipment

The bespoke nature of the plants within Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities makes associated repair costs high due to the specialised construction labour involved. For EfW operators, replacing equipment is even more costly, outage and offline an even worse case scenario.

Through regular performance testing and analysis of your input feedstock, you can evaluate and review your data to ensure that only the most suitable material is used and is compliant with the specifications of your EfW plant equipment.

Alfred H Knight Energy Services provide a specific, and when required, bespoke specialist scope of sampling and analytical service to many of our UK EfW operators and producers.

We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for SRF sampling, sample preparation and analysis. Our team of expert technicians are based in strategically placed hubs across the UK, meaning you should not need to send your material too far logistically for analysis. This reduces the lead time of results and maintains compliance with your own Carbon footprint obligation(s).

Alfred H Knight Energy Services can help you to protect your investment. EfW operators or producers that would like some support can speak to our knowledgeable technical team today by completing this simple form: