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bio-dust conference 2024

11 June, 2024

Kent, UK

Ken Hepburn, Business Technical Manager - Energy Services

bio-dust conference

Alfred H Knight will attend the Bio-Dust Conference 2024 taking place in Kent, UK on the 11th of June.

The event will be an opportunity for industry leaders in the UK who handle, manage and regulate bio-dust to share emerging and future best practices, as well as debate solutions for the future, with an aspiration to make the industry safer.

From agri-residues to biomass pellets and construction waste, bio-dust is found throughout the biomass lifecycle. As experts in biomass, Alfred H Knight helps clients worldwide build an accurate and reliable profile of their biomass and bio-dust through key inspection and analytical services. This enables them to determine suitability for further use, such as fuel pellets.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services and how we support the bio-dust and pellet production industry, get in touch with Ken Hepburn, Business Technical Manager – Energy Services. Ken will represent Alfred H Knight at this event and will be available to discuss your requirements to see where our team can help you better understand your materials.

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