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International Congress for Battery Recycling 2021

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

ICBR 2021

Attending: Dr Laurance Donnelly, Patrick Le Mare & Theo Theodorou.




ICBR 2021 was the international platform for reviewing the challenges faced by Battery Producers and the Battery Recycling Industry on a global basis.

The three day conference offered participants the opportunity to network, connect and discuss the state of the industry.

AHK’s Head of Technical Department and Chief Geologist, Dr Laurance Donnelly, presented his paper on ‘The Phase Characteristics and Textual Variability of Black Mass’  at the conference and can be viewed below.

He was joined by battery experts, Patrick Le Mare – Circular Economy Industry Lead and Theo Theodorou – Senior Market Data Analyst, who were on hand to answer any questions and to discuss the services provided by AHK that could assist or add benefit to organisations within the battery and black mass markets.

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