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LARAC Wales Conference 2022


LARAC Wales Conference 2022

Attending: Sam Jeynes, Simon Rudd and Philip Wells




The 2022 LARAC Wales Conference takes place in Cardiff on the 12th of July and will cover the topics that matter most to local councils looking to run an efficient and effective local authority waste and recycling service, including reuse & repair and unpicking Extended Producer Responsibility reform.

Waste composition analysis plays an important part in providing local authorities with a comprehensive understanding of consumer habits and their recycling rates. This information can enable them to better plan waste management and inform future recycling campaigns.

Alfred H Knight specialises in the composition analysis of domestic and commercial waste materials. Our analysis services provide our clients with clear and accurate information on the composition of their waste streams, supporting their operations, which is why we will be in attendance at the 2022 LARAC Wales conference.

Sam Jeynes, Business Development Manager, Simon Rudd, Business Development Manager and Philip Wells, Project Manager, will be representing Alfred H Knight at the conference. If you would like to get in touch with a member of our team before or during the event, you can do so on our contact page.