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Let's Recycle Logo National Food Waste Conference

9 March, 2023

London, UK

Darren Coss, Waste Optimisation Lead

Zero Waste Scotland - Municipal Waste

The National Food Waste Conference will take place in London on the 9th of March 2023.

The event, organised by Let’s Recycle, will bring together key sectors including food waste processors, food waste producers, waste management companies, local authorities and charities to discuss the opportunities and challenges that food waste presents.

As experts in waste, Alfred H Knight delivers all types of waste composition analysis projects at each stage of the waste journey. From small sample requirements to large regional and national undertakings, our experts are capable of helping you to build an accurate and reliable profile of your waste streams. This can help you to plan and monitor your waste-handling activities accordingly.

Darren Coss, Waste Optimisation Lead, will be in attendance and representing Alfred H Knight at this year’s National Food Waste Conference. If you’re interested in meeting Darren to discuss your food waste and how AHK can support your operations, get in touch here.

Do you know what’s in your waste streams?

Alfred H Knight can help you to determine the composition of your waste with accuracy. For more information, visit our waste and recycling page.