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New York Platinum Week 2022


15 September, 2022


Phil Bolan, John Moulding and Danny Kast

New York Platinum Week 2022

Alfred H Knight will be in New York during Platinum Week and will be attending the LPPM Reception and the IPMI Dinner, taking place on Thursday the 15th of September. The reception will be an opportunity to network with professionals who work within the global PGM supply chain.

Phil Bolan, Senior Business Development Manager, John Moulding, Commercial Manager PGM/PM Materials, and Danny Kast, Business Development Manager for North America, will be representing Alfred H Knight at this year’s event. If you are attending the reception or the dinner and would like to meet with Phil, John or Danny to discuss AHK’s inspection or analysis services, you can get in touch with them using the links below:

Phil Bolan

John Moulding

Danny Kast

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