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Shanghai Platinum Week

8 July, 2024 - 12 July, 2024

Shanghai, China

Fiona Yang


Alfred H Knight will be in attendance at the fourth annual Shanghai Platinum Week from the 8th to the 12th of July in Shanghai, China. 

Shanghai Platinum Week is a series of events centred on developments and opportunities within the PGM market, including conferences, seminars, exhibitions, networking opportunities, and product/report releases. The event will be an opportunity for key stakeholders of the PGM value chain to come together and discuss industry challenges and developments, hear from innovative speakers and establish trends for the future of PGMs. 

Utilising over 140 years of knowledge in the inspection and analysis of metals and minerals, Alfred H Knight helps organisations build a comprehensive profile of their materials, enabling global trade. We provide support at each stage of the precious and platinum group metals lifecycle, from mining and processing right through to recycling and helping organisations reintroduce materials into the circular economy. 

If you are attending this year’s event, meet with our representative, Fiona Yang, Business Development Manager, who will be available to discuss your operations and how our services can help with your PM and PGM-bearing materials.

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