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Waste Wood Classification Services

Alfred H Knight's Waste Wood Classification services help organisations to identify if their waste wood is potentially hazardous.

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WM3 Analysis

Get professional support to accurately determine whether your waste is hazardous.

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Energy from Waste

Regular testing and analysis of your waste material is required to meet WASTE ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA, but it can also help you to measure the energy output available, the renewable content and the level of contaminants within your materials.

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Black Mass & Battery Recycling Production Scrap

Alfred H Knight provides independent evaluation of battery waste streams to determine metal content and commercial value.

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WAC Testing

To ensure your waste is disposed of correctly, it’s vital that you get your advice from a specialist laboratory you can trust.

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Recycled Wood

Alfred H Knight can provide support at each stage of the supply chain. This could be at your production site, or during shipping.

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