Our experienced team is always available to assist you with your global inspection and analysis requirements.

Sample Preparation

Our teams of specialized technical experts collect and prepare samples ready for testing and analysis in accordance with ISO 17025:2017 standards.


Alfred H Knight has extensive experience in sampling and sample preparation for a wide range of commodities, including all base and minor metals, ores, concentrates and solid fuels.

We operate through a network of facilities located in strategic locations to support our inspection teams. Our facilities are fully equipped and staffed with the skilled personnel required to reduce bulk samples to quality samples according to ISO standards.


      • Screening: Performing of size determination for contractual purposes.
      • Division/Splitting: Riffle splitters to further divide and reduce the bulk samples.
      • Milling: Ring Mills used for pulverising and reducing the sample to the agreed particle size.
      • Final quality sample splitting: A rotary divider is used to split the sample and produce the agreed number of samples for distribution.
      • Drying/moisture determination: Fully calibrated thermostatically controlled ovens and calibrated top loading digital balances for accurate moisture results.
      • Fast dispatch of samples for analysis to one of our dedicated mineral laboratories.

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Our experienced team are always available to assist with your global inspection and analysis requirements.