Our experienced team is always available to assist you with your global inspection and analysis requirements.

Sampling Hub Services

Helping organisations extract the maximum value from their metal recovery.

Do you require a greater understanding of your metal content?

Alfred H Knight’s specialist sampling hub facilities provide a platform for organisations to increase their sampling capacity and build a profile of materials in transit, prior to arrival at the end receiver.

Whether you’re a recycler, reprocessor or smelter, if you need expertise in building or operating a sampling hub, or have materials that you need to have independently assessed for quantity and quality, we can provide a solution.



Our sampling hubs receive material at an industrial scale and generate representative samples ready for analysis at our group laboratories. All operations work to recognised ISO methods and standard operating procedures to ensure the highest accuracy.

With over 140 years of experience in the inspection and analysis of metals and minerals, we are trusted by organisations around the world to deliver reliable results. We draw on this experience when developing sampling hub projects, so that they fit within our network of operations across the global supply chain, to meet the expectations of our clients.

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Our Expertise

We combine over 140 years of experience in the sampling and analysis of metals and minerals with our expert knowledge of metal recovery which allows us to deliver an extensive service. We handle industrial-sized lots, on an outsource basis and accurately determine the value of the materials. Our unrivalled experience of operating within global supply chains allow us to support our clients. This includes allowing suppliers to deliver locally, providing an understanding of the commodity before arriving at the end receiver and helping to speed up pre-payment and settlement payments.

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Our experienced team are always available to assist with your global inspection and analysis requirements.