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WM3 Analysis

Get professional support to accurately determine whether your waste is hazardous.

Classify your waste with WM3 Analysis

Commercial and Industrial waste often contains contaminants and toxins that are hazardous to the environment. If you deal with these materials, you should identify them in order to dispose of them appropriately according to UK WM3 standards.

WM3 waste classification can ensure that waste that is to be recycled is processed at an appropriately licensed facility.

What is the WM3 guidance?

The WM3 guidance states that harmful chemicals in wastes should be assessed against their hazard statement codes to identify their potential hazard. In order to determine whether your materials are hazardous or non-hazardous, you should undertake WM3 testing.

WM3 analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the classification of your soils and waste in order to document and record any classifications to determine a waste code.

How can AHK Help?

Alfred H Knight can provide a tailored suite of analyses to support businesses dealing with Commercial and Industrial waste materials. Our experts help clients to determine the correct classification of their waste, allowing them to deal with it appropriately.

Our highly-skilled team carries out analysis entirely in-house from our ISO17025 accredited laboratories, strategically located throughout the UK. This ensures that our clients get a swift, accurate and reliable service.

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Our experienced team are always available to assist with your global inspection and analysis requirements.