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Solid Fuels

Fuels Analysis for RHI

Are You Receiving the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Whether you are self generating or purchasing your biomass, AHK can deliver full transparency of your fuel on a quarterly basis so you can ensure that you retain your renewable heat incentive.


  • Protect Your Investment & the environment
  • Maximise Fuel Performance

Simple and easy payment options are now available

We believe that regular RHI and Biomass fuels testing should be as simple and efficient as possible so we’ve set up an ongoing quarterly fuels analysis scheme using GoCardless. Through this, your payments are automatic, much like a direct debit, so all you have to do is sit back and wait for your results. It’s that simple.

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RHI regulations specify that the biomass content for the fuel should be at least 90% and less than 10% contamination, as feeding your boiler with biomass that is lower than the specified requirements could be damaging.

It is the owners and operators responsibility to demonstrate that the fuel that is used meets the requirements of the RHI scheme, or risk losing their permit and financial incentive.


Alfred H Knight is recognised as one of the main specialist laboratories for UKAS accredited wood based fuel testing, providing certification for biomass and waste wood in line with Ofgem’s requirement for compliant boiler fuel.

We offer a simple, ongoing fuel analysis service so that suppliers of biomass fuel and operators of biomass and waste wood boiler equipment can be certain they are meeting requirements.

How can AHK help?

Sampling services provided by our experienced team


Sample Preparation

Quarterly UKAS accredited fuels testing service for RHI Analytical Suite:

Total Moisture

Ash Content

Moisture Content

Gross Calorific Value

Net Calorific Value







Biomass Content

*Further parameters available

We are also able to offer complimentary regulatory support services provided by industry expert partners.

Environmental compliance

Advice for meeting on going compliancy obligations for the RHI

Fuel recording

Environmental regulatory and permitting support

Biomass Screening Assessments

Funding advice for projects

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