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Composition Analysis


Alfred H Knight Energy Services specialise in the composition analysis of domestic and commercial waste materials.

Our analysis services provide our clients with clear and accurate information on the composition of their waste streams.

Whether you’re a Waste Management company, Waste Operator or a Local Council, our technical experts deliver quality information and data.

This information can help you to develop a reliable waste profile to plan and monitor your waste handling activities accordingly.

Our service is tailored to suit the needs of the client. By categorising household waste streams into material types, we can support our client’s requirements with appropriate levels of detail.


Complimentary to our material category analysis, we provide a comprehensive size analysis for waste streams. This information is crucial for the effective design of mechanical waste treatment facilities.

The two services can be utilised together to provide insight into which materials are present for a range of size fractions.

Size analysis for waste materials is also crucial for monitoring the performance of mechanical waste treatment facilities. Our independent testing can therefore determine the efficiency of screening operations.


Alfred H Knight Energy Services are proud to support members of the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme.

We help businesses determine their Fuel Mix Disclosure, supporting them in their REGO accreditation.

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