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Maximise your Biomass Boiler Performance

Did you know, by understanding the composition of your biomass or waste wood, you can maximise the performance of your biomass boiler and avoid downtime and reduced returns?

Biomass combustion is heavily influenced by the type and quality of fuel burned within the boiler. Your biomass boiler will have been designed to burn a particular type and grade of fuel cleanly and efficiently.

By using poor quality fuel, you can increase the emissions produced and may see low efficiency performance. It could also provoke the failure of components, increased repair costs, high running costs and poor performance of the system.

Understanding both the quality and value of your fuel can help to control the performance and efficiency of your boiler.

For instance, fuels with a high moisture content can lead to difficulties maintaining operating temperatures, leading to an increase in particulate emissions, incomplete combustion, loss of efficiency and even damage to the boiler or flue.

As one of the main specialist laboratories for UKAS accredited fuel testing, Alfred H Knight Energy Services can provide certification for your biomass or waste wood fuel in line with industry requirements.

We can also provide a full suite of RHI compliant analysis services, such as Calorific Value, Biomass and Moisture Content tests.

For more information on how AHK can assist you with fuel analysis and the Non-Domestic RHI, visit our RHI page.