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Supporting the NSRI: Celebrating Brynn’s Inspiring Commitment

Brynn Gericke, Business Excellence Manager for Alfred H Knight South Africa, has been a dedicated volunteer at the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute)  for over two decades. Her tireless efforts exemplify her commitment to making a difference in her community and beyond.

Supporting the NSRI

What is the NSRI?

The NSRI is a volunteer-based organisation dedicated to saving lives in South African waters. Operating 24/7, the NSRI’s mission extends beyond rescue operations to include community education, innovation, and the continuous evolution of their life-saving strategies. Their comprehensive approach encompasses water-safety initiatives, animal rescue at sea, volunteer training, and the development of resources aimed at increasing awareness of drowning prevention programs.

This year, Brynn is spearheading a fundraising campaign for the NSRI’s Survival Swimming Centre initiative. These centres provide critical swimming lessons to children and adults in disadvantaged communities, teaching them essential survival skills for water safety. A significant challenge faced by these communities is the lack of accessible and safe bodies of water for instruction. The funds raised through this campaign will contribute to establishing a swimming centre in an underprivileged area, enhancing water safety education and potentially saving lives.

Supporting the NSRI

One such centre is located at Noah Christian Academy in Tombo, serving as a beacon of hope and safety for the local community.

Supporting the NSRIWith 22 years of volunteer service at the NSRI, Brynn has played a pivotal role in supporting educational outreach efforts in communities with high drowning rates. Her dedication has significantly contributed to equipping individuals with vital life skills to ensure their safety in the water. The Survival Swimming Centre initiative has garnered global recognition for the NSRI, underscoring the importance and impact of their work.

In celebration of her birthday this year, Brynn has channelled her efforts to raise money for the Survival Swimming Centre initiative. Starting with a successful birthday event which managed to raise R25K (£1,031) All funds raised will be donated to the NSRI, reflecting her unwavering commitment to this life-saving cause.

How can I show support for Brynn?

Reach out to Brynn today to find out more about supporting the cause or visit the NSRI website for more information on their initiatives.