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Waste composition and the lifespan of your EfW Facility

The composition of waste feedstock can vary over time, or indeed in irregular conditions such as the latest COVID-19 pandemic, which can affect the lifespan of your Energy from Waste (EfW) facility.

Waste streams can be affected by government policies or incentives to divert certain materials from landfills, even the general public’s consumption patterns at kerbside collection have an impact on EfW feedstock.

Whilst EfW facilities are designed to allow for some marginal flexibility in feedstock volume and composition, being proactive and monitoring the quality of your feedstock can positively influence the lifespan of your facility.

Through composition analysis, you can gain a detailed understanding of the makeup of your input material and build a reliable data profile of your waste. This profile is your reference point for understanding which composites are affecting the overall lifespan of your EfW facility.

Through the many different methods and techniques that can be employed to test your fuel, you can determine moisture content, calorific value and more. When you combine waste composition analysis with fuels testing, you can build a comprehensive profile of your materials, allowing you to optimise your operations, protect your expensive plant equipment and promote maximum uptime.


Alfred H Knight is trusted by clients to deliver an accurate and reliable analysis of the composition of their waste streams. Our expert technicians are based in strategically placed hubs across the UK, meaning you never need to send your waste far for a quick and dependable report.

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