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Water Quality Testing Case Study – World Vision Zambia

World Vision Zambia required analysis as part of their borehole drilling campaign to ensure the water at their facilities was of drinking quality for the local community.

As a multi-national charitable organisation, World Vision is focused on bringing clean water, dignified sanitation and effective hygiene practices to communities, schools and healthcare facilities in Zambia through Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects.


To deliver clean water, World Vision accesses and utilises underground aquifers by drilling boreholes. The quality of the liquid they extract must meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards for drinking water.

Therefore, they require analysis as part of their borehole drilling campaigns to prove their water meets recognised health and safety guidelines and is suitable for drinking before they can hand facilities over to the local community.

Water Testing - vials


As one of the country’s most multifaceted organisations, Alfred H Knight Zambia offers expert inspection and analytical solutions to help organisations determine the composition of their materials. With a dedicated ISO 17025-accredited laboratory and a reputation for delivering swift, accurate and reliable results, we were chosen to determine the quality of World Vision’s water.

For large-scale humanitarian projects like this, samples must be transported appropriately and timely. To ensure the quickest delivery lead time from water sampling to analysis, our Zambian team partnered with a local courier company, allowing our experts to get World Vision the results they needed, when they needed them.

Ernest Chikwanda, Water Supply Manager, World Vision Zambia:

“Working with Alfred H Knight gives us the peace of mind knowing that the water we are supplying to humanity is safe, dignified and conforms to the International standards for drinking water quality.”


With the support of our Zambian team, World Vision can ensure their WASH projects continue to supply clean water to those who need it. Alfred H Knight Zambia is now extending this unique solution to all other aid agencies and non-governmental organisations involved in WASH activities.

We have continued to invest in state-of-the-art water testing equipment and our fully qualified chemists undergo regular training and inter-lab proficiency testing schemes to ensure they can deliver the highest level of service delivery to the entire Central and Southern Africa region.



International organisations continue to choose Alfred H Knight Zambia to deliver expert support services.  If you are interested in water testing from an organisation with a well-earned reputation for providing reliable and professional services with high-quality results, contact our team to see how we can help you today.