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World Wood Day 2021

Today we celebrate World Wood Day 2021!

Wood is a marvellous engineering material that has been in use for millennia, both as a building material and a source of energy.

It is the most abundant polymer on the planet, composed mostly of chains of the complex carbohydrates cellulose and hemicellulose together with the hydrocarbon lignin.

Although wood is a natural and renewable resource, possibilities still exist for wood, even at its end-of-life stage.

Waste wood is often reprocessed for other purposes, such as particle board manufacture, animal bedding or even as solid recovered fuel (SRF).

What it can be used for at this stage however, is all dependent on how ‘clean’ and free of contaminants the wood is. Even the smallest discrepancy in results can make a huge difference to your operations.

The best way to determine how contaminated your material is, and the potential value of your recyclate, is through appropriate analysis of the material.

This can range from a chemical analysis to assess fuel quality and environmental assessments, or independent testing to determine the efficiency of your screening operations.

Whether you need to understand the content of your biomass for subsidy application, or the degree of contamination for animal bedding, AHK Energy Services can support you in your drive to Zero to Landfill.

Our highly trained experts deliver comprehensive chemical and fuel quality analysis and are UKAS accredited, providing you with the insight you need to determine the use of your wood.

You can find more information on how to get the most out of your wood here.

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