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AHK Expands Sample Preparation Facilities in Poti, Georgia

Sample Preparation Facility

In order to extend AHK capabilities within the region, Alfred H Knight commissioned a new sample preparation facility in Poti, Georgia. 

The new facility is fully equipped for the sample preparation of base metals concentrate  material and staffed with skilled personnel to guarantee that our operations fulfil internationally recognised standards. 

Sample preparation services include:

  • Screening: Full set of screens to perform size determination for contractual purposes.
  • Division/Splitting: Riffle splitters to further divide the samples and rotary dividers for quality samples.
  • Milling: Ring Mills are used for final sample preparation.
  • Sampling: using ISO sampling instrument shovels, inspection services are available in the Georgia region with fast dispatch of samples for analysis at one of our dedicated mineral laboratories.

This facility extends the existing capabilities in the region which include:

  • Weighing sampling and moisture determination of metal concentrates
  • Draught Survey
  • Stock Inspections and Due Diligence
  • Supervision of cargo handling operations

For more information about this location please contact:
[email protected]