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With the increase in technology and clean energy solutions, batteries have a pivotal role to play as we continue looking towards a sustainable future.

With this in mind, it is becoming important to determine the way in which batteries are recycled and the significant role they can have in the Circular Economy.

Rather than simply disposing of batteries, the recycling industry is creating a product called ‘black mass’ in which valuable metals, such as lithium, manganese, cobalt and nickel are extracted and recovered from redundant batteries and used in the development of new battery precursor materials.

This relieves the pressure to acquire new minerals and maintains the stock of critical metals within a closed loop.

To assist, Alfred H Knight has developed a global best practice for black mass sampling, preparation and analysis, that is adaptable to the wide range of qualities seen from the varying streams. With a focus on quality and accuracy, AHK can determine the characteristics of a client’s black mass product.

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Patrick Le Mare – Circular Economy – Industry Lead