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Compliance and Corporate Governance

Alfred H Knight is a privately owned business operating globally throughout the metals, minerals and alternative/solid fuels industry. Through our work we aim to provide high quality inspection and analytical services that help to protect the assets and interests of our clients. This is made possible by establishing a culture that supports our people, so that they can provide an exceptional personal service to our clients underpinned by strong technical, logistical, commercial and operational qualities. To continue to do this successfully for another one hundred and forty years requires all employees to commit and adhere to all local, national and international laws and act, at all times, professionally, with integrity, honesty and impartiality in all that they do.

As part of this ethos, we are committed to meeting the obligations laid down by the Testing, Inspection and Certification Council (TIC), formerly known as the International Federation of Inspection Agents (IFIA). TIC have provided all members with their Compliance Code which defines the standard code of conduct and principles to which TIC members are required to comply. The various policies set down on this page form the backbone of AHK’s standards, professional ethics and integrity and any breaches or deviations from these codes should be raised and discussed in an open and transparent manner. All employees are encouraged to raise any concerns in confidence through the channels detailed within these documents or by contacting the Compliance team at [email protected]

  • We operate with integrity by being professional, honest, independent and impartial in all of our activities
  • We avoid conflicts of interest with related parties, members companies or employees
  • We maintain the confidentiality of AHK and its clients at all times, and we comply with all applicable data protection laws to safeguard confidential and sensitive information.
  • We are committed to anti-bribery enforcement and we are dedicated to ensuring that we will not be party to corruption or bribery in any form.
  • We operate under the principle of fair business conduct setting the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. We endeavour to avoid any action that will bring the industry, ourselves or members or the TIC Council into disrepute.
  • We are committed to respecting human rights legislation and conducting business in line with fair labour principles. We are transparent in our dealings and we promote equal opportunities and the avoidance of discrimination in all aspects of our employment. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance.
  • We consider the health, safety and welfare of our employees, clients and third parties to be of the utmost importance. We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and ensure that our employees have the appropriate resources, equipment and training to perform their duties safely. We monitor our procedures and compliance regularly so we can continually seek our areas for improvement.


AHK Group Policies

These policies are designed based on UK and European requirements and are intended as model policies for the AHK Group. There may be requirements for international variations to these policies to be in place from time to time in relation to local legislation or trade custom, where local legislation differs from the UK requirements the strictest requirement will be applied until a local variation is produced.

In accordance with the AHK Group structure, it is the responsibility of General Managers to interpret and implement group policies. If variations are required, the Legal and Compliance team can assist in producing a local variation.