Our experienced team is always available to assist you with your global inspection and analysis requirements.

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We help producers, traders and end-users of biomass materials to determine an accurate profile of their commodities.


Alfred H Knight provides chemical analysis of biomass, helping you to determine the quality of your fuel and ensure that it complies with international standards such as EN and ISO. We enable biomass stations to meet and report against particular sustainability criteria so that they are eligible for Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs).


  • Wood Pellets
  • Wood Chips
  • Briquettes
  • Energy Crops
  • Agricultural Residues


Combustion systems are built to exact specifications, requiring a compliant fuel source. Our quality determination techniques provide you with the information required to be efficient with your biomass systems.


Alfred H Knight can determine the Gross & Net Calorific Value of your biomass, meaning you are clear on your material’s fuel potential.

We understand the critical value of knowing the moisture content of your biomass and as such, we will only provide you with the most accurate result.

The part we play in the circular economy

Various types of biomass can be used as a renewable and sustainable energy source. Through independent inspecion and analytical services, Alfred H Knight helps organisations to determine the quantity and quality of their biomass materials with accuracy and reliability.

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Sample Preparation

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We can provide ISO17025 accredited fuels and process residues testing service

Total Moisture - ISO BS EN 18134 2

Ash Content - ISO BS EN 18122

Calorific Value, Gross and Net - ISO BS EN 18125

Bulk Density - ISO BS EN 17828

Particle Size Distribution of Disintegrated Pellets - ISO BS EN 17830

Carbon Hydrogen and Nitrogen - ISO BS EN 16948

Volatile Matter - ISO BS EN 18123

Particle Size Distribution - ISO BS EN 17827 1 | ISO BS EN 17827 2

Mechanical Durability Pellets - ISO BS EN 17831 1

Total Sulphur - ISO BS EN 16994

Total Chlorine (and Fluorine, Bromine, Iodine) - ISO BS EN 16994

Heavy Metals - ISO BS EN 16968

Determination of Ash Melting Behaviour - ISO 21945 2020

Determination of Fines Content in Quantities of pellets - ISO BS EN 18846

Determination of Elemental Composition - ISO/TS 16996

Our experienced team offer consultancy services to ensure your operations are optimised and efficient

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Sampling Regimes

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Our experienced team are always available to assist with your global inspection and analysis requirements.

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