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Alfred H Knight China Celebrates Chinese New Year – Part 2

With the Chinese New Year well underway, we’ve got more stories from our Chinese colleagues explaining how they celebrate the Lunar New Year. Check out their traditions below!

Chinese New YearJANE WANG – WET Manager

LOCATION: Tianjin – Northern China

ZODIAC SIGN: Mouse/Rat – Spiritual, strong and intuitive. (Lucky numbers: 2, 3)

“Chinese new year means a new start for me, meanwhile a summary of the last whole year. It is time to summarise all aspects, including work, life, family, and so on. Yes, It is a period of positivity. The whole family will be getting together to celebrate the new year, they will eat good food (dumplings), drink, watch New Year’s Party and visit relatives and friends. The house will be cleaned carefully. The year of the rabbit means a positive start. I will have plans in my work and life to make it better. I‘m looking forward to a smooth work, happy life and good health. Be patient with life, respect and love the world. Some of these traits are related to me.” 



LOCATION: Tianjin – Northern China

ZODIAC SIGN: Ox/Bull – Diligent, dependable and determined. (Lucky numbers: 1, 4)

“At Chinese New Year, I enjoy being with my family and having a happy time.  We have a tradition from 10 years ago that I give a toast during the new year’s dinner, reviewing the past year and expectations for the new year. The Chinese zodiac of my dad and my wife is the rabbit, so we will have a special celebration such as wearing red-coloured clothes.” 



LOCATION: Lianyungang – Eastern China

ZODIAC SIGN: Ox/Bull – Diligent, dependable and determined. (Lucky numbers: 1, 4)

“The Lunar New Year is a new beginning. What really matters is how you deal with your mistakes and how you can improve in the new year. For my family, couplets will be pasted at both sides of the gates, paper-cut pictures will adorn windows, we’ll eat dumplings and have a reunion and we will be setting off firecrackers which can bring people joy and luck. My resolutions are to read 30 books this year, eat and exercise regularly and go to bed early. It sounds easy but it takes effort.”


How will you be celebrating the Lunar New Year in 2023?