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Commit to Net Zero – Energy from Waste

As waste management companies support the objectives and efforts to combat the global climate crisis, the push towards Net Zero has never been more focused than it is today.

Understanding the composition of the feedstock material used in Energy from Waste (EfW) plants is becoming increasingly important if we are to make significant progress.

As with any combustion process, the thermal treatment of waste in an EfW facility generates carbon dioxide. Whilst the levels of co2 released from this process are estimated to be significantly lower than methane impact from landfilling, the differing composition of waste material can make forecasting emissions tricky. By undertaking regular compositional analysis on your feedstock and categorising it accordingly, you can gain a better understanding of the material you are using in your facility.

Alfred H Knight Energy Services produce accurate and reliable reports based on chemical analysis of SRF, RDF and MSW. This crucial information can assist you in making comprehensive predictions on subsidy return and compliance, therefore helping you to manage your plant performance and reducing potential impact on the environment.

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