Our experienced team is always available to assist you with your global inspection and analysis requirements.

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We provide independent sampling, inspection and analytical services to help recyclers, reprocessors or traders determine the composition of their e-scrap.

Experts you can trust

For over 140 years, Alfred H Knight has delivered trust and certainty to the global value chain. From small collectors to larger smelters and refiners, we are trusted by clients around the world to deliver swift, accurate and reliable reporting on their materials.

A Complete Service

Whether you need support in gathering a sample of your raw materials, on-site inspection or testing for precious metal and copper content, Alfred H Knight can help.

We offer a complete service for quantifying and qualifying the metal content of e-scrap, helping you build a reliable profile of your materials for commercial settlement.

Global Support

As a truly international organisation, Alfred H Knight offers key services to clients globally. We operate in over 45 countries and can provide support in many more.

For clients looking to increase sampling capacity, reduce lead times and improve accuracy, e-scrap will soon be added to the list of materials handled as part of our specialist Sampling Hub Services.


With a global network of expert inspectors, Alfred H Knight can provide independent inspection and supervision services anywhere in the world.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Supervision of Sampling

Container Inspection

Stockpile Inspection

Warehouse Inspection

Due Diligence Inspection

Sample Preparation

Moisture Determination

Radioactivity Screening

ITAD Audits

Alfred H Knight helps organisations build a comprehensive profile of the composition of their e-scrap and WEEE through expert chemical analysis.

Chemical Analysis:

Commercial Assay

Semi-Quantitative Scan

Physical Testing:

Full Analysis

Moisture Determination

Screen Analysis


Sample Preparation:

Composite Sample Preparation

Quality Sample Preparation

Bulk Density






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We utilise our experience in inspection and analysis to help organisations better understand and process the complex materials seen in the circular economy. Clients trust us to deliver the information they require in a timely and reliable manner.

Circular Economy

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Our experienced team are always available to assist with your global inspection and analysis requirements.

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