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As demand for critical raw materials such as lithium and cobalt increases, Alfred H Knight is pleased to announce that it is participating in the European Union ‘MaDiTraCe’ (Material and Digital Traceability for the Certification of Critical Raw Materials) project to determine the source of mineral commodities.

Having commenced in January 2023, the three-year project, coordinated by BRGM (French Geological Survey), aims to reinforce the transparency, traceability and sustainability of complex supply chains of critical raw materials (CRM) including cobalt, lithium, natural graphite and rare earth elements.

MaDiTraCe is bringing together 14 partners from 7 countries to develop and integrate technological solutions for traceability and certification into a Digital Product Passport. These solutions will enable key industry players to prove the reliability of their sustainability claims, comply with current regulations and anticipate future policies.

With over 140 years worth of knowledge and experience in metals and minerals, Alfred H Knight helps clients to build a comprehensive understanding of their commodities. We have worked with numerous organisations to help make informed improvements to the sector and are well-placed to provide key research, analysis and consultancy to support projects like MaDiTraCe.

Engaged through its entity in Holland, Alfred H Knight is contributing to the development of artificial fingerprinting technologies which are to be used as part of ‘material passports’ for key commodities in two complex supply chains, namely rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and magnets.

Aldwin Vogel, Regional General Manager – Northern Europe explains:

Aldwin Vogel“At Alfred H Knight, we proudly work together in support of the EU-funded MaDiTraCe project, paving the way for a transparent and sustainable future. By assisting in the development of these revolutionary artificial fingerprinting solutions, we help to provide trust and verification of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainability claims through traceable responsible sourcing of critical raw materials.”

AHK is also leading a review of existing methods for the potential use of artificial taggant particles, with input from the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). Analysis of the requirements for the mining, metals and minerals industries is underway to ensure any solutions are fit-for-purpose and commercially relevant.

Dr Laurance Donnelly, Chief Geologist, Head of Technical Department adds:

Dr Laurence Donnelly

“Minerals are likely to continue to become fundamentally important to civilisation and industry over the next few decades. This may be driven in part by the so-called ‘battery revolution’ and the electrification of vehicles, combined with the reduction in the burning of conventional fossil fuels. Determining the provenance and traceability of minerals will help ensure that critical raw materials are responsibly sourced from legitimate operations, which do not support illegal mining.

We are proud to continue providing key services to the many sectors we are invested in to support and enable smooth global trade. If you have any questions regarding the project or would like to discuss your commodities with an AHK expert, you can get in touch via our contact page.