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In a proactive commitment to support the worldwide initiative aimed at minimising landfill waste, Alfred H Knight is delighted to unveil an expansion of its waste analysis capabilities, strategically reaching out to cater to the diverse needs of international markets.

This transformative step not only underscores our dedication to environmental sustainability but also positions us as a dynamic force in the global effort to curtail waste generation and foster responsible waste management practices.

Through waste analysis, end users can understand the types and quantities of items being disposed of within their waste streams. Thus, informing recycling campaigns and improvements to waste-handling activities, helping clients achieve their sustainability goals.

By offering Waste Composition Analysis services internationally, Alfred H Knight is extending its expertise to areas that could benefit from understanding their waste streams, helping support the global sustainability drive.

International Waste Analysis

In the latter part of 2023, Alfred H Knight was awarded a contract with an influential client in Singapore to undertake a Waste Compositional Analysis of two key facilities within the country. The main outputs were to understand current waste streams disposed of via landfill and then better understand how they can reduce this element and divert it into recyclable streams.

David Kerrigan, Group Head of Energy Services adds:

“This work is an exciting step towards geographically diversifying our Waste Composition Analysis service through supporting the requirements of our prospective international clientele, ultimately responding better to the ever-evolving industry needs.

It will provide our prospective international clientele with an efficient service offering, whilst providing critical data to make informed decisions concerning waste management within their respective countries or regions, in line with legislation.”

With over 140 years of knowledge and experience in inspection and analysis, clients know and trust Alfred H Knight to provide them with a comprehensive profile of their waste streams. Our full-time in-house samplers and analysts provide detailed reporting on waste streams to help Local Authorities, Waste Management Companies and Energy from Waste Operators better understand their materials.

Businesses interested in AHK’s services can find more information on our Waste Composition Analysis page.