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Understanding Waste with Compositional Analysis

Did you know that accurate waste compositional analysis can help you to gather baseline data on kerbside waste and estimate the impacts of future changes in waste management?

At Alfred H Knight, we pride ourselves on being one of the nation’s leading providers of Waste Compositional Analysis. Our experts are the best in the business at investigating and reporting on clients’ waste streams to determine the composition of their waste streams.

This is why Philip Wells, Senior Waste Analysis Project Manager, delivered his seminar ‘Understanding Waste with Compositional Analysis’ at RWM & Let’s Recycle Live 2022.

The seminar was packed full of professionals from local authorities to operators of MRFs and received great feedback, with many audience members staying behind to ask questions on how Compositional Analysis could help their operations.

If you were unable to catch Philip’s presentation, you can now watch a pre-recorded version of it here.


If you would like to discuss your waste streams and how comprehensive compositional analysis can help your organisation, you can get in touch with one of our expert Energy Services team members via our contact page.