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Commodity: Metals & Minerals

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As demand for lithium grows, Alfred H Knight helps organisations involved in the global lithium supply chain continue to ensure their material is suitable for use in the products that are set to shape our future.

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Industrial and Petroleum Catalysts

We specialise in the inspection and testing of industrial petrochemical and petroleum catalysts.

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Fuels and Lubricants: Africa

Alfred H Knight provides expert engineering and analytical services to support organisations across Africa with the maintenance of their machinery.

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Water Quality: Africa

Alfred H Knight provides a wide range of independent inspection, analytical, and consultancy services for water across Africa.

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Sampling Hub Services

Helping organisations extract the maximum value from their metal recovery.

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Outsourcing Services

With our network of laboratories, we can provide external analytical support for applications such as product certification, parts analysis, process control support, and quality control analysis.

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