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National Poultry Day

It’s National Poultry Day 2021!

Poultry litter might have more value than you think.

As an animal source biomass material, revenue is generated by recycling the litter as a fuel, either by direct combustion or via anaerobic digestion to produce biogas.

These technologies will attract subsidies and in addition can replace the use of fossil fuels, contributing toward Net Zero. Excess electricity generated beyond your own consumption can also be transported back to the grid.

Spreading the material to land has fertiliser benefits. Poultry manure contains useful nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. If you’re operating a biomass CHP system, the ash generated is also renewable, albeit, most of the nitrogen will have been lost during combustion.

There are of course regulations and permitting guidelines for compliance, however the benefits available from this end-of-life by product make it more than just a cost-saving exercise.

To find out more about your poultry litter, contact our helpful Biomass Team, or visit our biomass page.

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